Part II of II February 25-27


Attunement is a way of life and a spiritual healing art, with specific techniques to enhance essential health and well-being.

Discover the Source of Life Energy

You can be an energy healer!

Attunement is:

  • An energy medicine practice that assists people to access the healing power within.
  • An experience of feeling and expressing from our deepest core.
  • A profound teaching for the spiritual regeneration of humanity.

Central to the philosophy taught at the Attunement School is an understanding that the most important dimensions of a person cannot be seen or measured with the physical senses. We teach that this unseen reality is the source of a person’s life force. Attunement assists people to build this vital connection.

You will learn that attunement is the art of living in a way that is connected to your internal reality. 

Attunement means “to bring into harmony”

Attunement promotes alignment of one’s capacities (body, mind and heart) with each other and with a deeper identity that lies within. This deeper, truer place of Being, which is present in each of us, is like an inner sun that radiates energy to our capacities, while also reaching out on an energetic level to all aspects of life around us.

Courses taught by the Attunement School are spiritually based. However, we do not teach or espouse any religion or dogma. We welcome people of any faith, and we welcome people who do not subscribe to any religious faith, as long as there is an openness to receive and to give the innate life energy that is natural to everyone.

In this course, you will learn:

  • A map of energetic gateways present in the human body
  • The foundational principles of working with another to open these gateways
  • Attunement philosophy
  • Attunement technique
  • Attunement in daily living
Give yourself and others the gift of increased energy flow, vitality and well-being.
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7 Endocrine Glands

Attunement works primarily through seven endocrine glands. These glands each secrete powerful hormones into the bloodstream that regulate bodily function and affect thought and emotion. The endocrine glands create energy patterns around the body, referred to as chakras in yogic tradition.

The Attunement Practitioner connects with the endocrine glands by extending their own human energy field through one hand, typically held within several inches of each gland. Through that energetic connection, the Practitioner assists the client to allow the spiritual gateway within the gland to open and come to balance. The Practitioner’s other hand connects with a correlating contact point within the nervous system.

Each endocrine gland is a gateway to an aspect of the creative spirit that lives within all human beings. As each gateway is open and balanced, the totality of the spirit of a human being comes forth through the body, mind and emotions.

These are the seven spirits of the endocrine glands that comprise the whole spirit of each individual. This is how those seven spirits are named by Attunement Practitioners:

7 Endocrine Glands

The endocrine gland for the pancreas is accurately named as the Islets of Langerhans.
As the hands are held over specific areas of the body, the Attunement current activates the free flow of universal life energy between the spiritual and physical dimensions of the body, bringing balance, harmony, health and well-being.

Attunement is a state of consciousness in which the spirits of love and truth are allowed to predominate, letting the current of life flow freely through us.

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Become an Attunement Practitioner

Attunement offers:

  • A sense of physical and spiritual well-being
  • Support of the healing process
  • A loving, prayerful surround for people and situations
  • An energetic experience that lets personal transformation go to depth


Attunement Practitioners offer sessions to clients that bring well-being through an energetic exchange conducted by the hands. Typically, Attunement is offered without physical touch. The Practitioner places his hands over the endocrine glands, nervous system contact points, organs and systems of the body.

Attunement Practitioners invite the participant to connect to the Source of life within them. The goal of Attunement is to increase the energetic flow while removing blockages to that flow so that a person’s core reality can emerge.

Self-awareness, honesty and compassion are valued qualities of an Attunement practitioner’s character.

Attunement Practitioners find that their clients experience a feeling of peace and restfulness, and often a warm, healing energy. Along with the physical sensations there is a change in the person’s mental and emotional state that reduces anxiety and mental stress. Following an attunement, the client has the opportunity to face their physical, mental or emotional challenges with greater personal ease, and greater internal alignment. Attunement assists individuals to meet their challenges successfully.


Attunement is a profound way to work with the subtle energy patterns that weave through our body, mind and spirit.

Join us for this profound experience of Attunement. It will be a journey into a deeper knowing of the powerful, spiritual core within us. A confirmation of your ability to bring healing to other people. And an opportunity to share the Attunement experience with others.

Attunement School will be led by Attunement Teacher and writer, David Karchere and Attunement Teacher and chiropractor Jane Anetrini. Other experienced Attunement Practitioners and Teachers will be joining David and Jane in leading the program.

Attunement School is open to the experienced and the curious. To people who have their own experience of Attunement in whatever way, and to people who want to deepen that experience. We welcome those who have been practicing Attunement for many years and people who want to explore this energy medicine practice for the first time.


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